Dark Money Love


Akira Kazama is a man that gets what he wants. A loan shark king affiliated with the yakuza, he practically runs the money game in Tokyo.

Sora Nakano wants to save his mother’s life. When he has no choice left but to take out a hefty loan for her medical bills, he becomes indebted to Akira.

For Akira, business is always strictly business. And when someone owes him money, he always collects. Except this time, he wants more than just money from Sora.

He wants his body.

They agree on an arrangement for Sora to pay off the debt, and it’s supposed to be a win-win situation for them both. But Sora never wanted to be involved with the dark, hidden side of Akira’s life, and when Sora is threatened, he must turn to Akira for help.

Will Sora save his mother and get out of this alive? Or will he spiral down the path of dark money love?

The Lone Family Series

His Playmate

Book One in The Lone Family Series
Genre: contemporary m/m dark romance
Theme: yakuza boss x gang leader, kidnapping
Trope: enemies to lovers
Rating: 18+ explicit
Trigger Warning: BDSM themes, kidnapping, spanking, violence


Irresistibly handsome, powerful and dangerous, Wolf Lone is a business man and boss to the Japanese Yakuza. Impeccably dressed in tailored suits, intelligent and successful, Wolf is a man that strikes both love and fear in the hearts of many. And what he wants, he always gets. 


Diego is the cities most notorious gang leader. At twenty four, the sexy, vicious young man made quite the name for himself due to his dangerous nature.

One night, he makes one dire mistake. He kidnaps Wolf Lone's son.


Wolf takes Diego in return. What began as a plan to get his son back, becomes something heavier between both men. Dangerous men are not supposed to love, but Diego begins to catch feelings for the Yakuza boss, and Wolf intends to make Diego solely his. 


But it will be a challenge. An irresistible one that melds both pain and pleasure into their lives.